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Order Packing


For most companies, warehouse efficiency has become a matter of survival versus the profitability goals of a few years ago. Thus, most companies are looking for even more ways to make their day-to-day processes more efficient. While many companies focus on squeezing every drop of efficiency out of their picking process, each individual order must still be packaged and marked for transit before shipment. So, focusing on your packing process is key to efficiency improvements as well.

Quite often, orders that move through pack qualify for a dynamic manifest as opposed to the common static manifest, which includes placing a box onto a table scale, checking the contents, inserting a pack slip, void filling, and taping. All-in-all, this manual process can take anywhere from 30 seconds to 2 minutes to complete. Even with the quickest workforce in the world, dynamic manifesting, which leverages automation to improve efficiencies, can improve your manifesting operations by 2000 percent.

W&H Systems reviews the order packing process for customer orders to ensure it incorporates ergonomics, minimizing touches in an expedited manner. With moderate changes to the pick process coupled with the use of proven packing technology, an operation can turn order processing from the manual duration mentioned above into a much quicker process in upwards of 20 packages per minute.

For efficient order packing operations, W&H Systems suggests best practices and automation, such as pre-printed packing slips, inline scales, verification scanning systems, automated confirmations, etc. To increase order packing efficiency, W&H Systems finds ways to automate and simplify your packing processes.