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In your warehouse or DC, it is essential to have established receiving processes in place, such as shipment inspection and appropriate paperwork, to minimize errors. W&H Systems has the capabilities and experience to turn receiving operations into efficient processes. Operations reviewed include advanced shipping notice (ASN), unloading, docking, staging and identification.

Advanced Shipping Notifications alert receivers in advance as to what products to expect and give an expected arrival time. Knowing what is coming into the warehouse enables managers to preplan receiving for the day, which includes having the right equipment and correct number of workers available to move products through the receiving process.

Knowing in advance what product will be received and when, combined with system-directed put-away, makes it easier to treat incoming shipments appropriately. This could mean cross-docking directly to shipping, or using the product to replenish a pick location that’s below minimum, etc.

W&H Systems provides solutions that are designed to offer the maximum throughput capacities and cube utilization with cost justifiable equipment.