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Needs Analysis & Process Improvement


There is not always one answer or system that solves everyone’s problem. Each client is unique, along with their material handling needs but all companies share the common goal of, reducing their bottom line operating cost. W&H Systems can provide an in depth needs analysis and recommend process improvement. We have capabilities to:

  • Review clients current process
  • Identify focus areas where improvements can be made
  • Profile the customer service requirements
  • Collect, analyze and summarize data
  • Project inventory & SKU (Stock Keep Units) requirements
  • Document processing workflows
  • Create a log of systems, schedules & processes
  • Verify service levels
  • Define key cost drivers
  • Develop alternatives to be reviewed
  • Recommend alternatives
  • Develop space and equipment recommendations
  • Define framework to track, monitor, and manage processes
  • Develop transition plan
  • Prescribe re-engineered business processing procedures
  • Define the concept of recommended operation