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Research & Development


In order to retain a competitive edge and plan for future growth, a continuous process of revising the design and range of products and services, and to develop new ways to deliver those products or services to customers is critical. With the fasting changing technological developments in today’s world, W&H Systems provides research and development (R&D) of new processes, equipment and products.

Our experience in engineering studies, system integration, software and controls development, robotic design, and custom fabrication play a crucial role in our successful engagements with our customer’s R&D projects. Much of our research and development work includes developing new material handling processes and technologies. Our R&D Project experience includes:

  • Automated Mixed Case Palletizing in the Food and Beverage Industry
  • Continual improvement to our Wine & Spirit systems
  • Continual improvement with our WHizard Graphical User Interfaces for picking and process synchronization
  • Storage improvement
  • Warehouse control system improvement
  • Robotic application implementation, etc.