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Material Handling System Audits


In today’s world, companies are often faced with increased requirements for productivity, accuracy and reliability, while at the same time contending with increasing labor expenses and/or staff reductions. To manage this delicate balance, many warehouse and distribution companies are turning to W&H Systems for the expertise needed to audit their existing equipment or systems. W&H Systems’ material handling system audits ensure your equipment and processes run at peak performance and provide increased productivity, accuracy, and reliability.

We send an experienced Field Supervisor, a specialist in the installation and maintenance of conveyor systems to conduct the audit of the system. Based on our physical inspection and your personnel’s observations, experiences and input, W&H Systems submits to you findings, recommendations and a bulleted punch list. Our audits inform you of the overall mechanical and electrical condition of your system.

Audits are typically used by upper management and/or maintenance personnel to determine projected maintenance budgets and goals, purchasing critical spare parts, fine tuning equipment to reduce downtime, capital expenditures for replacement equipment, and maintenance personnel scheduling.

The primary purpose of an on-site material handling system audit or inspection is to identify opportunities to improve the performance of the system and improve the equipment’s reliability. This audit will also identify any old or obsolete components (if any) in the system which may result in the system being vulnerable to an extended period of downtime, and will also determine the maintainability of the system.

A mechanical audit includes the following:

  • Comprehensive visual inspection of the system and its structural condition and/or deficiencies
  • Visual inspections of specific equipment components including wheels, rollers, belts, pulleys, gears, rails, etc.
  • Technician report to include all findings and recommendations

Other optional material handling system audits include:

  • System audit (item flow through)
  • Hands-on evaluation of the electrical controls
  • Our audits take into consideration your constantly changing business conditions which effect things such as volumes, product specifications, value-added processes and labor situation. We also evaluate your current parts inventory and recommend after-peak season parts replenishment.
  • After W&H Systems performs a technical inspection and audit of your systems, you receive detailed reports that include:
    • Condition or status of the system as found
    • Identification of components requiring replacement or service
    • Maintenance recommendations
    • Suggested modifications and/or upgrades and the associated benefits
    • Defined approach to return the system to the currently required functionality
    • Defined costs to implement modifications or repairs

Material handling system audits from W&H Systems deliver valuable insights into how well your warehouse is performing.