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Warehouse Energy Management System


Warehouse and distribution centers can realize great savings by implementing W&H Systems’ warehouse energy management systems. Our experienced team has a proven plan to transform your facilities into efficient, managed environments.

It has been estimated that properly run energy management programs targeting energy efficiency can save 5% to 20% on energy bills without a significant capital investment. From small to large sites, these savings can represent thousands to hundreds-of-thousands of dollars each year, and many can be achieved with minimal cash outlay. Due to the size of warehouse and distribution centers even small improvements can have a large positive net effect on your bottom line.

In addition to these savings, many utilities offer incentives that can help your business offset the cost to purchase high-efficiency equipment. Also, some states allow businesses to take a state tax credit that covers a percentage of the cost of investments in energy conservation.


Poor power factor can act as a major energy drain. Inefficient use of supplied power can easily be overlooked because it has few outward signs. There are no blown fuses, tripped circuit breakers, or failed electrical apparatus to alert facility personnel of a problem.

Material handling equipment can be made more efficient with the use of high-efficiency motors and a warehouse energy management system that shuts parts of the system down automatically when not in use. If a conveyor is required, sensors detect incoming product and automatically start it up again.

By assuring that equipment is used only when needed, you will see savings from:

  • Improved operating efficiencies
  • Less downtime due to undetected equipment problems
  • Extended equipment life cycle
  • Reduction of power draw (much of your bill is based on the highest peak in a month, even though it may last only a few minutes)
  • Lower costs of environmental compliance


Moving to high-efficiency motors can provide significant energy and money savings and make you more competitive.

While energy-efficient motors may be more expensive than standard equipment, the true cost of motors is not the purchase price but the cost of daily operation. Over time, the savings provided by an energy-efficient motor can far outweigh its higher purchase price. Energy-efficient motors are also generally more reliable, longer-lasting, and put less load on electrical distribution circuits.

W&H Systems Warehouse Energy Management Systems help clients realize great savings in energy costs.