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Mobile Racking Systems

In North America, selective racking is probably the most commonly used storage method for traditional, non-automated pallet warehouses. However, due to conventional 12-foot wide aisles, selective racking is not necessarily the best utilization of space; it is certainly not the most economic storage method offering the largest possible number of pallet storage locations. With the exception of the deep-channel shuttle storage technology, the one storage method offering more pallet locations than any other storage system is Mobile Racking. Mobile Racking is a conventional selective pallet rack mounted on carriages which moves on rails embedded into the concrete floor. It offers more pallet location storage than drive-in racking, pallet-flow and VNA racking.

mobile racking systems

Mobile Pallet Racking Advantages

  • Modular Construction: Systems can be easily expanded for future growth within the same building.
  • Up to 80% floor space utilization: Reduced operating and property costs thanks to excellent space utilization of the system. The number one choice for refrigerated warehouses due to rising electric costs.
  • Safe and accident-free working operation: Equipped with emergency stop buttons, access light barriers, manual release systems, distance sensors, and safety light barriers.
  • Semi-automated or fully-automated solution: Mobile racking can be used with traditional forklifts or in conjunction with AGV systems.

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