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W&H Systems 50th Anniversary Video

W&H Systems recently celebrated its 50th Anniversary in April 2014. The company was started in 1964 by Frank W. Hoenigmann and Kent F. Warner. Originally the company was named Warner & Hoenigmann, and then changed to W&H Conveyor Systems. As they added more material handling automation equipment, the company changed the name to what it is today, W&H Systems. Today, the wine and spirits distribution business represents about 40 percent of revenues, retailing about 50 percent, and e-commerce about 10 percent.

The company has a large staff of electrical, mechanical and software engineers, who design the physical system of conveyor, racks and bins — the “muscle” of the system, as well as the information technology “brains” that tells the machines what to do. W&H Systems demonstrates everyday their ability to deliver what they promise and do so while practicing the strongest business ethics.

Conveyor Systems

W&H Systems is a leading material handling systems integrator and understands the need for high quality and reliable conveyors. We also understand that every application is different, which is why we offer a wide variety of conveyors. From belt conveyor to roller, accumulation to gravity conveyor, our product offerings are extensive.

Combiners & Merge Conveyors

This equipment incorporates hardware, control devices and software into a functional conveyor system that is used to consolidate multiple conveyor lines into in a single line of flow. There are several types of merge technologies available. A “combiner” merge is where parallel conveyor lines feed a wide merge which combines the items prior to discharge into a single conveyor. The take-away conveyor is typically parallel to the infeed lines. Very high rates can be achieved with a combiner if products are released one at a time (or “zippered” together).