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Warehouse Control System – Shiraz (TM)

Take control of your warehouse, with our flexible, reliable & proven Warehouse Control System (WCS) – Shiraz (TM).

Warehouse Control Systems are software applications that direct real-time activities within warehouses and distribution centers. As the “traffic cop” for the warehouse/distribution center, the WCS is responsible for keeping everything running smoothly, maximizing the efficiency of the material handling subsystems and often, the activities of the warehouse associates themselves. It provides a uniform interface to a broad range of material handling equipment such as ASRS, carousels, conveyor systems, sortation systems, palletizers, etc. The warehouse control system acts as the brain for any automated distribution center, providing communication between the WMS and all of the material handling equipment and processes needed to complete an efficient distribution system.

We have over 150 active customers currently utilizing our in-house Warehouse Control System. There are many capabilities & packages available to you and your material handling system.

Key Capabilities Include:

  • Relieving a customer host computer of managing a real-time material handling automation interface
  • Maximizing system throughput and performance
  • Utilizing the most efficient methods for pallet, case and item routing.
  • Packages Include:
    • Zone Directed Pick & Pass
    • Seamless Sortation
    • Wave Creation
    • Returns Processing
    • Wireless Manifesting
    • Energy Management
    • Preventive Maintenance Package