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Unit & Smalls Sorters

Unit Sorters

Unit & Small Sorters have long been used in distribution centers for automatically sorting large number of individual units to single store orders, streamlining returns processing, order fulfillment & store replenishment, and for small parcel sortation.

W&H Systems’ RSU™ Sorter is a unique automated sortation system that provides a durable, inexpensive and accurate method of sorting a wide range of products. The RSU Sorter features tilted carrying trays traveling on an enclosed track conveyor. Items are inducted onto the trays either manually or automatically, then conveyed to their destination. To improve productivity, trays are presented to the induction area in a horizontal position and later tilted for sortation. At the pre-defined sort points, hinged doors open on the carrying trays to gently discharge the product. Items gently slide from the trays to their proper chute or directly into their shipping carton.

This reliable sortation system sorts barcoded product and has the proven ability to sort non-barcoded products when integrated with an advanced vision system. The flexible nature of the RSU enables unique system configurations that match specific application needs, while the simple design allows for a low upfront investment and minimal annual maintenance costs…thus making the RSU – Reliable Sortation Unit an excellent choice for many sorting requirements.